KOKOH bikini [pron. KO-KO]
KOKOH bikini boasts thoughtfully created in-house surface design, using an array of mediums, including watercolour paint, felt tip drawings alongside tie-dye and original photography. Each reversible bikini fused in statement prints & complimentary block colours.

KOKOH bikinis’ DNA lies in the cheeky cut bikini bottom, one of the very first homegrown Australian labels entirely dedicated to these flattering cuts – and slowly, the evolution of KOKOH clad confident (and salty) women are taking over the worlds pristine shorelines. Paired with cheeky cuts, true to KOKOH essence, is a selection of water-women inspired, functional tops and surf embodied shapes to finalize each collection, keeping KOKOH bikini at home, in the ocean.


Kendall Layt was born and raised on the quiet beaches of the South Coast NSW. After finishing school, Kendall took to the road and traveled far and wide, chasing the warmth, the waves & finding her creative self through photography and a pile of dog-earred visual art diaries. In February 2013, KOKOH bikini was brought to life. Based in bushland, a stonesthrow from the solitary South Coast surf breaks, Kendall seeks inspiration through both her beautiful home and her worldly journeys.